Most likely your company's standard operating procedure for the transfer of freight involves leaving your traffic department at the mercy of several dedicated carriers or reading through a number of bid packages hoping to find a reliable and inexpensive trucking company. While it might be time effective to establish dedicated carriers, it isn't cost effective and it will leave you without a back up plan beyond your few carriers. Soliciting bids could save you a few dollars, but at the expense of reliability and consistency.

Abide Services, Inc. does all the work for you. Using us as your "middle man" insures that you get the best rates and service available. We have many carriers waiting to give you #1 service. We screen all of our carriers and only use the best.

Once we know more about your business needs, we can better serve you. So please, fill out our Request a Quote form, or just contact us. We will reply by email within 24 hours.

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